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Hoof Trim Kit Attachment fitted to Continental Cattle Handling Crate.

Designed to minimise stress to the animal when trimming their hoofs and provide maximum safety for the operator.

Main features

  • Designed to minimise stress to the animal and maximise safety to the operator
  • The attachments comprise of: front belly harness, front belly strap, high-level rear leg winch complete with lifting strap, front hoof blocks

Why is hoof trimming important?

It is important to trim your cattle’s feet as 90% of lameness in dairy cows arises from conditions of the feet and it can improve cow mobility when done correctly. Timely trimming can also prevent lameness. Discover more about practical hoof trimming on the National Aminal Disease Information Service website.

A hoof that is badly trimmed might be unstable on concrete, might have too little sole or wall to protect it, creating pain and discomfort for the cow, and increasing the risk of lameness in the future. Once a cow has chronic lameness, then the natural wear associated with normal mobility and locomotion are lost and imbalances between claw horn growth and wear become a recurring or permanent problem. Adopting a routine of foot checks rather than trimming every cow is highly advisable.


In the UK it is estimated that there are 55 cases of lameness per 100 cows per year, with the average case costing £178, and the “average” herd losing approximately £10,000 per 100 cows every year. A single case of lameness costs about the same as trimming 18 cows using a professional hoof trimmer. This makes regular trimming extremely cost-effective for most herds in the UK if done correctly, and may reduce other problems such as infertility. In addition to reducing lameness and improving mobility, trimming can improve cows grip on concrete, potentially reducing injuries and improving bulling activity.

The attachments comprise of:

Front blocks Wide belly harness complete with ratchets
Front brisket strap complete with ratchet Rear high level leg winch complete with lifting strap


To fit cattle crates:



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