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Main features:

  • Silent operation with new non-ratchet mechanism
  • The Head Scoop has been designed to control the head of cattle making routine tasks easier and safer
  • The unit prevents an animal ‘going down’ in the cattle crate, and increase the efficiency of the handling process
  • The unit can be fitted to most makes of ‘Automatic Yoke’ cattle crates and can easily be removed when not required
  • Left or right side operation must be stated at time of order
  • Weight 25 kgs
  • 323GL – Handle is on the left of the beast
  • 323GR – Handle is on the right of the beast

Left hand (323GL) is shown in the image.

Optional Weld-on Bracket Set (323G-200). Ritchie cattle crates include a bracket set already welded in place as standard.


Additional information

Weight 25 kg

Product Specifications

model 323G


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