Grabs & Handlers

Ritchie has a range of bale grabs and handlers, providing safe and easy bale handling with 1, 2 or even 3 bales.

Products include Ritchie’s Bale Grab with opposing tines, the Bale Inverter, Wrapped Bale Handler – made to handle round or square bales from both directions.
The latest addition to the Ritchie range of handlers and grabs is the Bale Claw, designed with safety in mind; its upper curved tines can secure the bale from the rear and does not extend above the top bale thereby preventing damage to roofing.

The Multi Bale Handler can move 3 midi, 2 large Hesston or 2 round bales, and the Super Multi Bale Handler, 4 midi, 2 large Hesston or 3 round bales complete Ritchie’s range of bale handlers and grabs.

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