Extended Length Continental Cattle Handling Crate With Automatic Yoke


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The Ritchie Extended Length Continental Cattle Handling Crate was designed for and intended to be used by, the agricultural industry purely for the handling of cattle.

The crate is designed to give maximum safety and to minimise stress in both the animal and the operator. Operators can include the farmer or the veterinarian who is attending to the cow. This is very common in cattle farming as checkups include yearly pregnancy examinations, vaccinations and deworming.


Main features:

  • The crate has a fully automatic yoke with an auto-reset facility
  • Easily adjustable neck yoke widths, which allows easy handling of calves to bulls
  • Complete access to both sides of the animal
  • Rubber floor (NEW for 2022) offering improved grip and quieter working, adding to cattle safety and improved welfare
  • Ratchet type rump bar operation
  • Complete with sliding rear gate and aluminium 5 bar tread-plate floor
  • Hot dipped galvanised finish


Optional Extras:


This cattle crate is ideal for Continental breeds which come from Continental Europe. Continental breeds of beef cattle are sometimes also described as originating in countries other than England.

Examples of Continental breeds include:

Continental breeds vary widely, but they tend to share a few traits:

  • Large size
  • Late maturity
  • Rapid weight gain on feed
  • Large yield of beef
  • Low percentage of waste at slaughter
  • Lean beef

Additional information

Weight 720 kg
Dimensions 2900 × 760 × 1710 mm

Product Specifications

internal_length 2,900mm
internal_width 760mm
internal_height 1,710mm
external_height 2,060mm
external_length 3,300mm
external_width 1,810mm
model 309G


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