Beef Monitor Unit – Automatic Cattle Weigh System


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A small monthly subscription to save time and money with reduced labour and higher accuracy of finishing cattle live weight gains – RITCHIE Beef Monitor


By taking several readings a day for each beast and providing you with an average weight at any point during the day or night puts you in greater control. This enables you to ensure optimal weight for your cattle, while at the same time reducing labour and waste bedding and feed from keeping cattle too long.

The RITCHIE Beef Monitor also provides you with added insight of your herd by identifying issues you may not spot straight away such as frozen pipes or feed inefficiency. Easily set-up and operated, the data is stored in the cloud for viewing on any computer, tablet or smart phone enabling monitoring at your fingertips.


  • Easy to set-up and use
  • Reduced wastage of feed and bedding
  • Reduced labour input
  • Improved accuracy of weight at finishing
  • Optimal weight of cattle at slaughter


  • Notifications can be enabled for enhanced monitoring
  • Monitoring of cattle weights 24 hours a day
  • Cloud based data management
  • 2 way communication for enhanced monitoring


  • Up to 50 cattle per unit to allow sufficient water access
  • Compatible ear tags required
  • Internet connection required

Monthly subscription is payable for sim card and data handling.

Additional information

Weight 450 kg
Dimensions 3050 × 1000 × 1240 mm

Product Specifications

model BM3000


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