Outdoor Solar Kit for Beef Monitor


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The Solar Panel Kit has a battery included and it allows for use of the Ritchie Beef Monitor (BM3000) in the field or all locations away from a power source.

The Solar Panel Kit alongside the Ritchie Beef Monitor crate allows cattle to be weighed multiple times a day without the use of labour and without moving cattle from their location. A huge reduction in stress for both stockman and stock.

After installing the Solar Panel Kit and Ritchie Beef Monitor unit in a finishing pen of up to 50 head, the cattle access the water trough by stepping on the weighing platform. Using EID ear tags an accurate weight of each beast can be recorded and sent to the cloud every time they go to water. This enables beef finishing units to closely monitor the growth rate of their cattle.

Average daily weights and average daily live weight gains are recorded and calculated for you using the website and handy app, suitable for smart phone or laptop, enabling the stockman to determine how the stock are performing at a glance.

  • Optimal weight of cattle at slaughter
  • Reduced labour input
  • Reduced feed and bedding costs
  • Early indication of pen or performance issues
  • Use in the field or all locations away from a power source

Main features:

  • Easy to set up and use
  • Improved accuracy of weight at finishing
  • EID tag reading, weighing and recording
  • Monitor cattle weight performance 24/7
  • Tipping water trough
  • Smart phone and tablet app for intuitive monitoring at your finger tips
  • Cloud based data management*


  • 40/50 cattle per unit to allow sufficient access to water
  • Compatible ear tags required

Price on Application.

*GSM phone signal and monthly subscription required.

Additional information

Weight 450 kg
Dimensions 3000 × 1000 × 1240 mm

Product Specifications

model BM3100


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