Grassland Harrow 6 m Hydraulic Folding


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Main features:

  • Fully mounted grassland harrow with an incorporated levelling bar frame to level molehills and disperse manure
  • Fitted with a reversible cast harrow mat which offers teeth on one side and levelling on the other side
  • 4 rows of cast replaceable tines
  • Mounted harrow with floating headstock to cope with uneven ground
  • Folds for road transport
  • Hot dipped galvanised finish


What does a Grassland Harrow do and reasons for harrowing

A harrow is used for breaking up and smoothing out the surface of the soil. Harrowing removes unwanted dead grass and levels any mole hills. Its job is to allow air movement and root aeration which helps the soil to breathe and improves water infiltration. It reduces disease by exposing fungi and bacteria to sunlight which is essential for the health of the pasture.

Does harrowing help grass?

Harrowing is beneficial because it aids drainage, helping to minimise muddy patches and standing water. Secondly, it promotes new grass growth by removing the old thatch and giving new shoots the room and oxygen they need to thrive.

When should you harrow?

Harrowing should be done when the conditions are becoming slightly warmer and from March onwards is ideal. The ground will become churned up if you harrow when it’s too wet, while you may not be able to harrow effectively if the land is too dry.

Additional information

Weight 600 kg
Dimensions 1840 × 6000 × 940 mm

Product Specifications

transport_width 2800


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