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You can do it the old way or eWeigh. eWeigh works Ritchie weigh bars. 24-Hour Run Time. Flexibility With Load Bar. Made In The UK. eWeigh is fully integrated with your iLivestock application and EID Stick reader (if you have one).

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iLivestock, with eWeigh, seamlessly integrates with your Ritchie weigh equipment for both Cattle and Sheep to help maintain compliant records for your livestock on the go.

The eWeigh system connects with the load bars fitted to your Ritchie handling equipment. It sends data to the iLivestock app on your mobile device via Bluetooth as your livestock travel through your system, updating your farm records in real-time. The integrated rechargeable battery enables you to work in the fields without the need for power supply; with a 24 hour run time you can be sure you will get the job done before needing to charge it again. The eWeigh grows with you and your business with no need to buy new hardware, subscription-based upgrades with iLivestock can be pushed directly to your phone alongside automatic updates for your eWeigh unit.Using the iLivestock app has saved users up to 8 hours a month on maintaining compliant paperwork alone.

Linking with the eWeigh or your EID readers, the iLivestock app automatically stores your data for weight and breeding information, so you view it on your device at any time.

With full reporting for your livestock, you can also monitor medication applications and withdrawal periods as well as keep an eye on stock levels, enabling you to make informed decisions.

Main Features:

  • Live Sync – Online or offline iLivestock will work for you, using the very latest technology the iLivestock application is automatically backed up and shared across multiple devices
  • Keep your sheep and cattle records in one place with iLivestock. We use the latest smartphone and server technology to make it easy to manage your records on the go
  • iLivestock aids compliance with relevant local legislation. UK customers save on average 8 hours per month on record keeping.
  • You can capture breeding information for both sheep and cattle and look it up on your device at any time
  • Save time and scan your medicine purchases straight into your virtual stock cupboard. When you apply medication to records it will automatically deduct the stock
  • Speed up your weighing process with the program. You can manually enter weights against your records or connect it to the eWeigh device and other indicators to pull in weights automatically
  • With grouping, you have complete flexibility with your groups. Name them what you want and add the records you want to them. You can also perform group actions to save time.
  • Reporting is key to making the right decisions, iLivestock is always adding reports to the application. You can also export your reports to an Excel file.
  • iLivestock connects to a range of EiD readers so if you want to use EID and speed up your process then you don’t need to worry.

Using the iLivestock app and eWeigh can save you £100’s on hardware and updates. Available on Apple and Android.
Get results straight to your phone. Share them with your colleagues knowing it’s all backed up on the cloud.

The eWeigh is compatible with all Ritchie weighing equipment. 

Speak to your local Ritchie dealer or Sales Manager for pricing and for more information.


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