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Spring, autumn or year-round calving, the Ritchie Calving Cube is a versatile asset for any cattle breeder. The rigid steel frame weighs approximately 900kg and fits onto the headstock of a telehandler. It incorporates a yoke, detachable calving gate and fold-away pen that can be moved over existing penning or feed barriers to allow the safe delivery of calves. The fully HDG Ritchie Calving Cube has been designed to be multi-purpose for use wherever and whenever required. Simple set up allows a safe calving pen to be built within a few minutes or can be used out in the field to corral a beast and securely hold her in the unit to be transported back to the shed. Once calved it is simple and safe to return both calf and mother back to the field in the unit, allowing the calf to remain with the mother thus reducing the stress on both beasts. The integral calving gate, based on the popular Ritchie Calving Gate, can be lifted out to make way for a wide range of other uses, such as transporting an ATV, bales, hurdles or feed.

Main Features:

  • Portable and easily attached to front loader with optional bolt on brackets
  • Easy to use and set up
  • Removable calving gate with self locking head-yoke, hinge round gate, lockable by chain, offering good udder access for suckling calves
  • Multipurpose, can carry feed, bales, ATV and RITCHIE hurdles
  • All hot dipped galvanised
  • Working length 4500mm transport length 1500mm

Optional Material Handler / Front Loader Brackets:


Additional information

Weight 900 kg
Dimensions 4500 × 2900 × 2100 mm

Product Specifications

working_length 4,500mm
transport_length 1,500mm
model 320CALF


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