Roots and Grain Feeder XL


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An all hydraulic drive extra large Roots and Grain Feeder suitable for front or telescopic forklift mounting, for feeding most root crops and grains.

Main features:

  • Capacity of 1.67m3
  • 65% larger than 1883G without an increase in width
  • Suitable for front or telescopic forklift mounting
  • Hydraulic drive
  • Manual stone trap fitted to eject stones when feeding root crop
  • Agitator wheels fitted to prevent grain bridging
  • Suitable for any root / grain crop
  • Stationary cutter head for added safety
  • Fitted with pressure relief valve
  • Externally mounted motor is protected by the bucket frame
  • Hot dipped galvanised finish


Additional information

Weight 750 kg
Dimensions 2060 × 2120 × 1400 mm

Product Specifications


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