Heavy-Duty Yard Scraper


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The Ritchie Heavy-Duty Yard Scraper is an ideal piece of equipment for stock farmers.

Main features:

  • An adjustable width scraper 1,828 mm to 2,440 mm
  • Designed for push / pull operation
  • Fitted with a 50 mm thick solid rubber blade
  • Positive trip mechanism operated by rope is provided
  • Incorporated is an ‘A’ frame facility on the headstock
  • Hot dipped galvanised finish

What is a yard scraper?

Yard scrapers allow you to easily push bulk materials (such as sand, snow, sludge, mud, manure etc) to a point where it can be picked up. This is an ideal attachment for clearing yards or floors. Commonly used in agriculture.

What are the benefits?

By using this attachment you will save time on cleaning yards and floors. The Scraper can also be used as a snowplough.

Additional information

Weight 185 kg
Dimensions 820-1050 × 1828-2440 × 1000 mm

Product Specifications


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