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  • NEW and updated for 2022
  • Main features:

    • Rubber floor (NEW for 2022) offering improved grip and quieter working, adding to livestock safety and improved welfare
    • A large foot treadle allows the operator freedom of movement whilst restraining the animal for treatment
    • The Combi Clamp width is fully adjustable to suit different sizes of sheep
    • The Combi Clamp linkage is adjustable to suit different weights of operator
    • Easy use for dagging, drenching, vaccinating and tagging
    • Simple non-return hock bar
    • Can be set up for left or right-hand operation
    • Includes auxiliary frame with orange tubs

    The innovative Combi Clamp system:

    • Portable unit with mechanical operation
    • Ergonomically designed for the operator
    • All steelwork hot-dip galvanised finish

    The Combi Clamp includes the lead-up ramp. Some pictures show optional extras.


    User Testimonials

    Updates and Improvements for 2022


    Update Benefit
    Rubber fitted to floor of both the lead up ramp and the clamp. Offers more grip for sheep and reduces their need to ‘scratch’ with their feet. Greatly reduces noise.
    The auxiliary frame is bolted on. Now a secure fixing. Current frame can slacken when in transport.
    The auxiliary frame plate now has multiple hole positions for an indicator, power draft controller, and EID reader box? Back plate is now pre-drilled to accept indicator mount, Power Draft Controller Box and EID Reader box.
    The plastic holders are fastened using 2 bolts only. Easier to assemble.
    Short stub pins for adjusting the clamp width. Easier to adjust operating width of Clamp. Also allows for adjustment when clamp is bolted down on A2000 trailer.
    Spring tension adjustment now from the rear. Much easier access from the opposite side to adjust.
    Bolt down plates added for securing to MP800 load-bar. Simplifies fitting to weigh platform.
    Longer pins incorporated in the anti-jump rails. Jump rails are less likely to jump out when in road transport.
    Pressure Wall Stub pin stops now with rubber sleeves. Reduces noise.
    Easier to use toggle catches for the Bi-Fold doors. Improves aesthetics.
    New location points for ATV wheel kit drawbar. Dual positions allow for left or right-hand set ups.

    Additional information

    Weight 200 kg
    Dimensions 3800 × 1300 × 1100 mm

    Product Specifications

    cw Lead in Ramp
    model 3669G


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